Creating for the Health of It Online Module

This online module serves as a basic introduction to the field of arts in medicine and also serves as a prerequisite for the UF Center for Arts in Medicine’s online graduate programs, including the MA in Arts in Medicine, the Graduate Certificate in Arts in Medicine, and the Graduate Certificate in Arts in Public Health. The module takes approximately 20 hours to complete and is entirely self-paced. Please note that this module is not intended to be representative of Center for Arts in Medicine coursework, nor does it represent the level of academic rigor you will find in our graduate or undergraduate programs. The module is designed to provide a basic introduction to the discipline and field of arts in medicine in a way that is flexible and enjoyable.

The learning objectives of this module are:

  • Students will understand how the field of arts in medicine developed in relationship to the U.S. healthcare system and related disciplines, such as the creative arts therapies
  • Students will define the fields of arts in medicine and arts in public health
  • Students will identify and articulate the boundaries of practice within the discipline of arts in medicine
  • Students will identify the importance of, and basic concepts related to, patient safety in healthcare settings
  • Students will analyze basic applications of the arts in healthcare and community settings
  • Students will analyze and articulate how the arts can enhance healthcare and public health
  • Students will become familiar with professional opportunities within the disciplines of arts in medicine and arts in public health

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