Arts in Medicine Graduate Programs

Barbara Steinhaus
Music Department Chair, Brenau University
Alumna, Center For Arts in Medicine Graduate Certificate Program

“Understanding why you have a passion for the arts is a big subject that has to do with the environment and cultural development of humankind; it is wonderful to study. How the arts can serve others is also a story that needs learning and telling. But discovering that the arts work as regenerative agents for humans both ill and healthy and that they help us truly care for ourselves and one another is too great a treasure to be left in the margins of academia. Arts in Medicine at UF brings this front and center with tenderness, intelligence, and vitality.”

Master of Arts in Arts in Medicine

A perfect fit for both artists and healthcare professionals, the online Master of Arts (MA) in Arts in Medicine program’s comprehensive curriculum covers the practical skills and advanced knowledge necessary to safely and effectively engage the arts in healthcare environments. Students will study with accomplished leaders at the forefront of this growing field, building on their previous arts or healthcare experience to develop professional skills in the discipline of arts in medicine.

Virtually every form of artistic expression can be applied effectively in a healthcare environment. Healthcare institutions around the globe are providing patients with opportunities for creative engagement, including the visual arts, music, writing, dance and theatre, and seeing positive results worthy of significant investment. In the MA program, students will examine best practices and models for applying the arts in healthcare and will explore how their art form of choice can be the basis of an effective practice or program development.

The program’s curriculum is designed to help students:

  • Develop an understanding of the theoretical foundations that inform the field and practice of arts in medicine
  • Understand the roles of the arts in promoting health education, health literacy, and disease prevention in community settings
  • Develop understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate care environments and to ensure patient safety
  • Develop professional-level practical skills in using the arts to address health in healthcare and community settings
  • Gain experience in and develop understanding of the administrative structures that support arts in medicine programs
  • Understand core issues, contemporary trends and critical debates central to the arts in medicine
  • Identify core competencies including ethical frameworks, program development and assessment, grant writing, and cultural competency

While the course requirements can be completed entirely online, students will also work directly with an arts in medicine program or in a healthcare or community setting as a part of the program’s practicum component. Program faculty will help students identify a healthcare facility near them with an established program so they can fulfill this requirement conveniently.

Graduate Certificate in Arts in Medicine

For those who may not be interested in pursuing a full master’s program, but would still like to learn how to effectively weave the arts and medicine together in their careers, UF also offers an online Graduate Certificate in Arts in Medicine. The certificate offers students access to the first four courses of the core curriculum of the master’s program and the opportunity to participate in the basic practicum requirement. This provides a high degree of flexibility to those looking for a more expedient path towards earning a valuable professional credential and developing their skills.

What is Arts in Medicine?

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